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How to use this list, for optimal results.


The easiest and most efficient way to follow the users on "The Golden List" is to have two windows open side by side. One window with the golden list, and another, with the Twitter search. You can simply types the names, from the list, into the search bar.

Unfortunately, with the number of users on the list, there is always a few that don't follow back.  Some may not have checked there computer for an extended period of time, others may just not want to follow back. The ones who simply don't follow back, are not on the list for long. If you come across somebody who does not follow back, please report them here.

For maintenance purposes, it is best to use a third party program, such as Who Unfollowed Me? You can use this to see who has unfollowed you, who is not following you back, and who you are not following back. It is a good idea to check in there, every couple weeks, so that you can unfollow people who have unfollowed you and people that are not following you back.

Following Limits:

Twitter monitors all of their users for agressive following and unfollowing. To keep your account from being suspended we have made some general guidelines.

When following users you should follow NO MORE than 500 users in a day, prefferably less. If you are following large numbers of users, it is safest to space out the time that you follow the users.

When unfollowing users, it is similar to following. You should not unfollow more than 500 users in a day, and you should space out the time that you unfollow people.

You can reference the Twitter help page on this subject.

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